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After hours contact number: Police Officer on duty: 863-280-0847

All water meters are read on the 20th of each month, and bills are generated and sent out the last working day of each month. Bills are payable by the 15th after that date a 10% late fee will be incurred. After the 20th of each month, they are considered delinquent. Services will be suspended if the account is delinquent more than 60 days until FULL payment has been made on the account. A $30.00 reconnection fee will be added to the account. Connections will be made within 24 hours after payment. No connections will be made after 3:00 PM. A full copy of the Account User Policies is available at Town Hall. Or send a request to sara@townoflakehamilton.com.

Nathan Lewellen - Public Works Director

Harvey Sims - Water Treatment Plant Operator

Phil Miller - Public Works Maintenance

Gabriel Chidester- PW Maintenance/Sanitation truck driver

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Please bag your leaves and keep grass clippings off the road.

Water Account:

All request for a water utility account must be accompanied by an application for service and a $200 deposit. Applications are pdf fillable and can be emailed to margaret@townoflakehamilton.com. Accounts will not be activiated until payment and ID are received.

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Current Water Restrictions

Cross-Connection Control Programimages/2017-06 CCC program.pdf

Application for Water Service

Application to modify or close water account


Water deposits are $200.00.


2016 Consumer Confidence Report -Quality Water Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report (drinking water)



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